The tale of the autumn/winter 2020 season.

This year has been a strange one but if there's one thing that has come out of this whirlwind it has definitely given us a renewed sense of perspective on fashion’s relentless pace, its desire for newness, and the pressures this can place on our society and on the planet. But it has also reinforced that most basic sentiment: at its best, fashion can decorate your day, inspire you and make you feel special in equal measure. As the countless “lockdown looks” posted on social media in the last few months attest, wearing good clothes can lift the spirits immeasurably.

While many designers were forced to stall production on their autumn/winter 2020 collections, the creativity of the smaller brands what undeniable. We took to our bedrooms, our studies and our lounges to create at home studio photoshoots. We found secluded streets on our lonely walks and papped away. 

The tale of the autumn/winter 2020 season may yet be best summed up with the idiomatic “all dressed up with nowhere to go”: with evening wear exemplars all over the catwalks. Even if you’re confined to your living room you can look glamorous sitting around eating ice cream too. 

Elsewhere, a somewhat studious theme emerged, equally suitable for these sobering times. Nerdy knitwear abounded, with cardigans and argyle sweaters paired with everything from go-anywhere denim to after-dark silks.

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